Corrugated 4

Iam finding a lot of satisfaction in making this new paintings.
Playing with the illusion of different depths and layers!

Corrugated 4.
Spraypaint on aluminum composite panel

TWR 01

I introduce to you “TWR#01
The result of a new road Iam exploring and its very exciting and satisfying
to have this object after months of working on all the scale models and
search for materials to execute. “TWR#01
All hand cut Canadian Pine Hemlock

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36 days of type – G

San Cristobal

Type Mural for the social help center Julian Centeya in the neibhorhod San Cristobal, Buenos aires.

OuterSpace – 2017

70 Meters of fun in Atlanta USA for Outerspace project.
It was one amazing week thanks to Greg Mike and his crew!

Breda Blindwalls Gallery

This is one of the two bicycle tunnels I painted in the city Breda, Netherlands.
Curated by @blindwallsgallery 📸 @photed_by_ew